Monday, October 31, 2005

What are your thoughts?

Myst V: End of Ages is out. What do you think about the latest release? And what do you think of Rand announcing that Cyan will be moving on to another project for the first time in years that is not Myst oriented? You don't need an account to post so chat away! But a bit of warning, keep it clean and family oriented for the sake of all fans. Thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, MYST was about out of plot options. Lets see: Ghen captured (riven), madman from another age that you have never met tries to trap and kill atrus (exile), find out what happened to Atrus' sons, and then they are killed (revelation), get to see D'ni (URU - expansion packs), get to know what happened to atrus and yeesha. Also get to see great shaft. Find out what happened to myst (if unlucky) (end of ages).

Wow. We've gone through virtually every possible plot. The only real option would be to start going BACK in time to before D'ni fell. Which, is being done in URU: Live when it comes back. Right now, URU is stalling in URU: Until Uru. But, it's a time to reflect on the past of D'ni.

The only option for a game would be perhaps if one took on the role of Aitrus, Veovis, Ti'ana, or Kahlis before the fall of D'ni. That, or build even more on URU by opening up more parts of D'ni. But that would get old fast.

But Myst had a great run as an entire series. Over 10 years (15 to be exact I belive, starting with the books). The games saw action of a minimum of 6 MAJOR OS platforms (MAC, win 95, win 98, win me, win 2000, win xp). That doesn't include PS, PS2, Xbox, or Pocket PC (yep! Pocket PC! Only the original MYST game is for pocket PC though)

I hate to see Myst leave our lives. Quite frankly, I'd like to know more of Ghen's life. The guy creeps me out, but he is probably the one character that we know virtually nothing about and that plays a major role in the Myst series.

I'd also like to see pre-fall D'ni.

Perhaps Cyan would make a movie of Pre-fall D'ni, and perhaps of Post-Fall D'ni (DRC times).

A game even of playing as a DRC member (different than URU) or a game of pre-fall D'ni would be great!

But as it is, Myst seems to be coming to a sad end. Just as D'ni fell at it's peak, so did Myst.

Why do I say that? End of Ages was a major disapointment for me. No plot, odd ages, and a wierd old guy that linked in front of you at all the wrong times! So just as Myst IV came out... a major suprise in story lines for all of us, Myst V had to ruin it all.

Such is life.

But I have hope that the ending has not yet been writen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

MYST had all the clues right in the game. One didn't have to go elsewhere to solve the puzzles.

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