Monday, November 07, 2005

Myst sales fail to crack top 20 in Sept or Oct sales!

According to NDPTechworld, Myst V sales did not make the cut in September and October sales deeming the game the worst selling in the series. Most blame this poor turn out to be due to lack of advertising, with a smaller budget then the other projects End of Ages did not have enough money left over to be distributed to advertisers. There is still speculation however that even after Ubisoft dropped the Myst series once and for all, the final chapter is still turning out a profit for the distributed.


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Finishing each game takes some time. People also worry there is no gameplay value in a game they can finish quickly, not to mention that dumbing-down is popular these days (people don't want to have to think). But from what I hear, Uru Live will probably boost things up again. I am finishing Riven and moving on to Exile myself, and I found Myst absolutely fantastic, great, challenging, a breath of fresh air, true art in games. A great THANK YOU to all the people who made this a reality for us!

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